Choosing the Best International School in Shandong Province, China, for Your Child

International school in Qingdao

Deciding which school to attend is a big decision as it frequently directly influences the child’s quality of life and future career. Students can receive a quality education in traditional national schools, but this education is often uniform and lacks concentration, denying students the chance to develop their abilities and potential fully. Instead, they restrict […]

Math in US at QISS

Math Upper School at QISS

All of the Mathematics courses offered at QISS are designed using the standards of the Common Core Curriculum for the appropriate grade level.  For grades 11 and 12, we offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses for Calculus and Statistics.  These AP courses offer QISS students the opportunity to do college-level work while still in high school.  These […]

Guided Math in LS

Math in LS

Guided Math at QISS follows the same principles as Guided Reading: Meeting students where they are in the curriculum to develop a deeper understanding of the content through small group instruction. Guided math is a structure that allows teachers to differentiate instruction so they can reach and teach every student. The flexible grouping in Guided […]

Reggio Emilia at QISS

Reggio Emilia QISS

Are you curious about what sorts of activities your child will uncover in a Reggio Emilia classroom? Let’s find out! First off, we did not adopt the whole Reggio Emilia philosophy, rather, we tailored the program to meet our school needs based upon the approaches that work for our class, in order for our students to […]

QISS Leaders in Compassion

QISS Compassion

“Compassion is the wish to see others free from suffering.” – Lhamo Thondup “同情是希望看到别人摆脱痛苦。” “동정은 다른 사람이 고통에서 벗어나기 바라는 것입니다.” Compassion is necessary in creating a successful society.  It is one of the most important qualities that people can learn.  Introducing a culture of compassion in the classroom seems a natural part of education.  […]

Let’s Go QISS Volleyball Sharks


As coming to the end of the QISS Volleyball season, the volleyball tournament should be on November 12 but due to the Covid-19 out brakes in Qingdao, we have sadly informed them it has been postponed. I am here to do a should reflect on the reason that we have. Our last Year’s Volleyball Team […]

Happy Halloween from QISS

Happy Halloween from QISS

Our Halloween events at QISS are always fun for everyone! Students take time to prepare their costumes and come to school ready for a day of frightful fun! Our Lower School students spent time playing Halloween themed games with their teachers and friends. Laughter filled the room as children played, laughed, learned and enjoyed sweet […]

Grade 4 Class Community

Featured image

Every classroom is a small community. Students and teachers spend lots of time together and must learn to cooperate for a common goal. Organized team sports, in general, are a great way to build chemistry and understanding within a community, but soccer is truly special. It’s the most popular sport in the world for a […]

Leaders in Phonics

Leader in Phonics

QISS provides the Jolly Phonics program for our students in Kindergarten. Jolly Phonics is the base of teaching and learning the English language. The engaging way in which it is taught helps children to develop their language skills in a fun environment! Phonics allows children to improve their reading comprehension and also learn new words. […]

Band at QISS

QISS School band

Band At QISS  Do you love music? Can you play an instrument? Do you enjoy performing? By joining QISS Band you can experience the fun of music. From Grade 5, students begin to learn about musical instruments, bands, and feel the significance of playing together. Students should not only practice music well, but also follow […]

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