Child Safeguarding

QISS is aligned with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the recommendations of the International Task Force on Child Protection (ITFCP) that has set the standards for child safeguarding in schools worldwide.

At QISS, we adhere to the guidance and recommendations of the International Task Force for Child Protection:

“Schools have a duty of care to protect children and prevent them from harm, and act with a sense of urgency if a child is at risk of harm.” (ITFCP, 2014)

QISS expects all individuals and groups affiliated with the school community, including but not limited to: staff, parents, volunteers, service and activity providers, associated agencies, interns, contractors, guests, and visitors, to act with integrity and to take responsibility for keeping students safe. In coordination with the recommendations of the ITFCP, we hold ourselves to a high standard of effective recruiting practices with specific attention to child protection. Applicants must be willing to undergo a thorough background check including a police clearance report every two years as well as previous employer reference checks.

QISS strives to be a Child Safe Organization in which everyone in the community is:

  • Aware of the signs and dangers of child abuse;
  • Committed to preventing harm to young people;
  • Able to respond and report any concerns regarding student safety and wellbeing.

QISS has four Child Protection Officers who work to ensure the wellbeing of students by monitoring incidences of suspected abuse or neglect, convening teams of relevant colleagues to make decisions about student welfare, and making referrals, internally and externally, to specialist colleagues in order to support students who are in need.

The Child Protection Officers are:

Jo Veale, Curriculum Coordinator/ Safeguarding Lead jveale@qiss.org.cn

Adan Abrogina, K-12 Counselor  aabrogina@qiss.org.cn  

April Fan, Head of Chinese april@qiss.org.cn

Damian Pakkiri, Lower School Principal dpakkiri@qiss.org.cn

Dominic Adie, Upper School Principal dadie@qiss.org.cn

Any member of the school community with a Safeguarding / Child Protection concern should contact any of the above colleagues.

Expressed Concern Form :

Child Safeguarding Policy

Download QISS Child Safeguarding Policy [Click Here]

Adult Visitor Guidelines and Code of Conduct

  • QISS supports a culture of mutual respect; all communications should be positive, respectful and inclusive.
  • Visitors must display the QISS visitor’s pass prominently at all times.
  • Permission from QISS must be granted before taking any photos or videos; no images of students may be shared by unauthorized individuals in any social media or online forum; any images of students must be deleted after the permitted purpose is complete.
  • Visitors may use toilets designated for adults only; no use of student toilets is permitted.
  • Visitors must not take personal information from any student nor give personal information to any student including contact details and social media profiles, unless permission is granted.
  • Visitors must never be alone with any student, nor touch any student, nor invade any student’s personal space.
  • Visitors must not respond to physical contact from any student; if contact occurs, visitors must report it immediately to the Child Protection Officer.

Visitors must report any suspicious or unacceptable behaviour including physical or verbal abuse by and/or between any student or adult.

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