Counseling Program at QISS

The University & College Admissions Counseling Center at QISS is unrivaled in Shandong Province and Northeastern China.  We have a full-time dedicated staff with decades of experience in the college admissions process. Our QISS college admissions counseling team have assisted our students get in to top colleges and universities in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, Korea and Japan.

Highly motivated academically accomplished students will benefit from our hands-on assistance and expertise in applying to top-tier universities.  Our counselors work closely with students and parents to navigate the admissions process to find the best fit and most suitable schools for all of our graduates. 

Our team is also prepared to help students with specific interests and special needs (e.g. athletics, art, music, disabilities, etc.) apply to schools suitable to their needs.

The QISS University & College Admissions Counseling Center provides the following services for our students:

  • Academic planning
  • SAT Testing Center
  • Coordination of AP Courses & Testing
  • Preparing college lists – Target/Reach/Safety schools
  • Essay writing workshops for personal statements and college essay responses
  • University visits/presentations
  • Set up application accounts
    • Common App
    • Coalition App
    • University of California
    • UCAS (UK)
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Community Service
  • After School workshops

We will provide frequent presentations for parents and students to stay current in the admissions process and manage expectations.

QISS is a member organization of NACAC and IACAC.

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