Meet the 2023-2024 Student Leaders

Harry Jiang, President

It is with honor and excitement that I take on the role of Student Counsil President this year. Despite the challenges we’ve faced in the past and those we’ll encounter in the future, I’m thrilled for the boundless potential that awaits us now, free from any interferences.

My mission as the President is not only to take the responsibility of the leadership role, but also to represent and advocate for the interest of the student body. This position goes far beyond its title; it embodies the essence of our school’s spirit and values and serves as a bridge between students, teachers, and administrations.

I look forward to working hard in hand with each and every one of you to make Our school experience indelible. Together, let’s embark on the journey filled with inclusivity, enthusiasm, and a shared commitment to making this year at QISS truly exceptional.

Harry Jiang PR

Sarah Liu, Vice President


I’m Sarah from 12th grade.

This year I’ll be the Vice President!

First of all, I am deeply grateful for taking this role. I believe that this year the QISS student council will continue to develop inclusive, fascinating, and diverse school events for the student body.

Based on suggestions and reflections of the previous year, we have two goals: firstly, to strengthen communication among students and STUCO, and secondly, to organize comprehensive events that interest students.

My job as VP is to assist president Jason to accomplish these goals and serve every student to the best ability.

I’m well aware that it’s better to talk less and do more, so I’ll end this letter here because I need time to plan the activities:)

Sarah Liu VP

Ivan Belousov, Secretary


It’s Ivan Belousov from 10th grade. I just have to say that I’m deeply honored to take on the role of Secretary in the Student Council. I am ready to face the forthcoming challenges and collaborate with my peers to find the best solutions for our needs.

We’re off to a great start, and I can see a bright future ahead of us!

Thank y’all for all your support.

This is the year of change. Let’s make history.


Chris Liu, Public Relations


I’m Chris in the 11th grade. It is an honor to join the QISS STUCO team again. This year, I will promote STUCO to create a better campus environment.

My job is to promote school activities and help my classmates negotiate ideas and suggestions. I am very happy that my classmates will express their opinions and thoughts on the QISS STUCO team to us. ( Students are welcome to come to me anytime after class).

Looking forward to a brand-new and perfect STUCO.

Sincere greetings,

Chris Liu

Public relations activities

Chris Liu AT

Lucinda Li, Head Treasurer


I am Lucinda Li from Grade 11!

It is a great honor to be the head treasurer of student council in the school year of 2022-2023.


I really appreciate the support from every student and teacher. My goal for this year is to update our snack bar so that more varieties of food can be provided to the students.


And of course, I’ll do my best to save up more
money for the student council to hold more activities that can enrich students’ lives in school.


I hope with the efforts of student council, we can make QISS a big family full of love and warmth!

Lucinda Li TR

Sunny Jiang, Assistant Treasurer

Wassup guys!!

I’m Sunny J from Grade 10, and I will be joining the STUCO this year as the role of Assistant Treasure.

I am looking forward to sell more snacks and arrest students that steals the snacks.


Vickie Sun, Junior Assistant Treasurer

Hello everyone!


I’m Vickie Sun from Grade 11.

It’s so glad to be Junior Assistant Treasure this year!

Two other students and I will manage the expenses this year. My goal is to manage the Snack Bar well, and to hold as many and better events as I can!


Thank you!

Vickie Sun AT

Jenny Kim, Activity Coordinator


My name is Jenny, Grade 9. I am the Activities Coordinator for the QISS 2022-2023 school year!

It’s an honor to become a leader in the student council this year.

My goal is to make changes to the school activities into the form more preferred by the students; to achieve exciting school life, what a school need is student’s will and enthusiasm!

I will try my best throughout my year, by touching with the students in relaxing way, to have more communication and gain new opinions.


Jenny Kim

Jenny Kim
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