BOT Members

Board of Trustees

Chairman of the Board :  Mr. Yin

School Director : Dr Brian Brumsickle

School Operations Manager (QCCI Appointed) :  Mr. Dong Jiwei

Parent Representative (Chairman of the PTA ):  Mrs. Elena Karikh

QCCI Appointed Representative :  Mr. Shang Jie

Board of Trustees Propose 理事会的宗旨

The purpose of the Board of Trustees is to strengthen the contact between the school and the society, enhance the vitality of the school, improve the efficiency of the school, build the school’s characteristic brand, and provide first-class international education services for the society. This board is also committed to the establishment of a stable long-term development of the school to achieve the objectives by the management framework.

Objectives and Definitions 目标及定义

a. The Board of Trustees (BOT) pledges to work in collaboration with the Qingdao City Construction Investment Group (QCCI) and the QISS stakeholders to provide a first-rate western-style international school. Stakeholders are defined as those individuals, groups and entities that have a direct interest in the school’s development and improvement. The primary stakeholders are: Students, Parents, Faculty, Administration, Staff,the Municipal Government of Qingdao and QCCI. A first-rate western-style international school is defined as one that is:

  1. Mission-focused
  2. Student-centered
  3. Provides a western-oriented educational program
  4. Rationally addresses stakeholders concerns
  5. Designed to bring about continual school improvement
  6. Aspires to become comparable to the top-rated international schools throughout the world.

BOT Meeting Agendas

BOT Agenda 2023.

BOT Agenda 2022.

BOT Agenda 2021.

BOT Agenda 2019.

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