Lower School

Kindergarten through Grade 5

The learning experience at QISS is designed as a continuous journey of self-development from Toddler through Grade 5. We believe that every year spent at QISS is a unique opportunity for students to engage with a systematic, inquiry focused curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and tailored to our students’ individual learning needs.

During our students’ time in Lower School, they will be engaged in dynamic learning environments that will empower them to become life-ready leaders. Our Lower School staff are dedicated to ensuring that our students:

  • learn to explore the world with curiosity, asking questions and developing skills in problem solving, interpretation, and creativity
  • recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of individuals, their backgrounds, and their culture
  • continue to develop a range of social skills, in and outside the school
  • recognize and develop individual leadership qualities
  • achieve individual learning goals that a specific to each child
  • learn and develop language skills for a variety of languages including English, Mandarin, and individuals’ native languages
  • practice skills that will prepare life-ready leaders through authentic instruction and performance-based formative assessments (Key Assignments)
  • continue to develop the various literacies (reading, writing, speaking, listening, mathematical, global) that will be key to all future learning enjoy a range of extracurricular opportunities

At QISS, we create 4 units of inquiry, in order to provide our students with integrated units of instruction. The 4 units of instruction have a different theme and teachers create instructional plans that incorporate standards from all subject areas into each unit. These units of inquiry are rooted in the standards and content topics, and built upon best instructional practices. Teachers work to ensure that the units are authentic, relevant, and engaging. Relevancy of the units’ topics are based on the world in which we are currently living in, while also tapping into students’ interests and background knowledge. We encourage students through each of the 4 units to connect with the world around them. Here are the 4 inquiry themes:

  1. Incredible Me: How I Express Myself and Interact with Others
  2. How the World Works
  3. Sharing the Planet
  4. How We Organize Ourselves in Place and Time

We highly recommend you read this Curriculum Guide to become more familiar with the programs on offer.

Lower School Student and Parent Handbook Curriculum Guide 2022-2023 :

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