Technology Program

Technology at QISS

QISS is generously equipped with state of the art technological equipment. Each classroom from the Lower to Middle and High School is provided with an interactive Smart Board, multiple computers, and a projector to help support student learning. The campus is also set up with multiple computer labs, two of which are currently being used in the upper school and lower school buildings.

Computer labs at QISS come installed with a variety of educational software. The computer lab is also equipped with software that helps teachers monitor students’ computer use, therefore taking measures to prevent any possible cyber misconduct while helping students stay on task and focused at all times.

At QISS, the staff and students take education to a new level where learning does not begin and end at school. Students have full access to their lessons and daily projects through websites made and maintained by individual QISS faculty members. Students are also made aware of and encouraged to go paperless where possible and to express concerns, share and exchange views about their lessons online. This also helps them stay accountable for their own learning, while helping teachers stay on top of student progress and cater to their student’s educational needs.

The IT Program

The IT program at the middle school and high school level is aligned with the National Educational Technology Standards. While introducing students to new software and helping develop IT skills, the content largely supplements their core curricular subjects with an emphasis on developing their literary and mathematical abilities. Projects are also geared towards helping students become less fearful of trying new software and prepare them to face the demands of an increasingly digital world.

IT is built into everyday classes at the lower school level. Grades 6-8 receive compulsory IT education where they are introduced to critical topics, from internet safety and security to creative arenas of making films and programming games. Grades 9-12 get to choose from a range of upper school electives. The IT electives provided are Coding and Web Development, Yearbook Design/Editorial Publishing, Studentn News/Videography, and Digital Storytelling.

QISS works to consistently stay on top of the technological demands of our changing world. With curriculum, grades and important class information all readily accessible online for parents and students, technology is an integral part of the educational experience at QISS.

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