School Administration

Dr. Brian Brumsickle

School Director

Damian Pakkiri

Lower School Principal

Dominic Adie

Upper School Principal

April Fan

Head of Chinese Department

Paula O'Connell

Head Of
Admissions, Marketing &
School Development

Adam Arthur

College Counseling Center

Melody Han

Assistant to the Director

Jo Veale

Curriculum Coordinator/
Safeguarding Lead

Adan Abrogina

K-12 Counselor

Lower School Faculty

Larissa Samvelyan

Pre K Homeroom Teacher - ECE
Early Childhood Education

Lulu Zhang

Chinese Teacher & Pre K homeroom ECE
Early Childhood Education

Amy Li

Instructional Assistant Pre K – ECE
Early Childhood Education

Jolanta Poprawska

Kindergarten Homeroom – ECE


Kindergarten Instructional Assistant – ECE

Rubandhree Pakkiri

Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher

Maddie Jing

Grade 1 Instructional Assistant

Amanda Lunken

Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher

Teddy Su

Grade 2 Instructional Assistant

Vionever Swartz

Grade 3 Homeroom Teacher

Charlotte Yang

Grade 3 Instructional Assistant

Gabriel Montoya

Grade 4 Homeroom Teacher

Doris Du

Grade 4 Instructional Assistant

Kate Brewin

Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher

Alice Xu

Grade 5 Instructional Assistant

Lower School Specialists

Riki Buckrell

Athletic Director and LS Physical Education Teacher

Anna Baerman

LS and US Art

Qi Song

Symphonic Band, Concert Band and Music

Rebecca Martin

Performing Arts

Carrie Huang

Lower School Chinese

Julie Zhu

Lower School Chinese

Lora Liu

Lower School Chinese

Middle and High School Faculty (Upper School)

Yulia Sumarokova

Language Arts

Troy Babcock

Social Studies & Psychology

Pascal Morin

French & Spanish

Sean Ledet

Language Arts

Bee Tucker

Language Arts

Jonathan Bresson

Mathematics &
US Literacy Coordinator

Adam Biwan

AP Calculus,
AP Statistics,
AP Coordinator

Nick Cashman

AP Physics & AP Biology

Avadhoot Dalvi

AP Computer Science / IT

Helen Huang


Lily Callejas

Social Studies,
AP Human Geography,
AP English Literature

Sunny Lu

Upper School Science

Hector Buraglia

MS/US Physical Education
Safety Officer

Qi Song

Symphonic Band, Concert Band and Music

Joy Liu

AP Chinese

Linda Wu


Administrative Support Staff

Debbie Yang


Oprah Qu


Nancy Li

Head of Student Management

Julia Zhu

Administration Office

Jade Yang

Legal/Human Resource

Melody Han

Assistant to the Director

Olivia Gao

Marketing and Admissions Office
Main Office

Alina Sun

Marketing and Admissions

Mimo Xu

Student Management


Student Management

Larry Wang

Information technology and Supplies &
Facilities Manager

Henry Wang

Property Management

Eileen Yang

Finance Office

Sally Li

Finance Office

Tracy Wang

Marketing and Design

Xu Yue Fang

School Nurse

Mingyang Zhao

Supplies and facilities

Crystal Liu

Physical Education

Yongxiang Wang

School Transportation

Yong Zhang

School Transportation

Jia Guo Zhang

School Transportation

Yunling Wang

School Transportation
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