Finding the right school for your child is a challenging process, but our friendly team is here to support you. From the moment you first get in touch, to your child’s first day of school, all the way to graduation, we’re here to help every step of the way.

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Click here to fill out the online application form. Please expect a reply within 2-3 business days.

Entry Requirements

QISS accepts students from many diverse backgrounds. If your child holds a foreign passport and your family is seeking holistic, global learning, consider QISS.

Application Process

Application is easy.

  • Inquire
  • Take a Tour
  • Apply
  • Take a test
  • Interview
  • Enroll

Step 1: Inquire

Fill out this inquiry form or call 888- to connect with our team and find out more about our school.

Step 2: Take a Tour

Come visit our beautiful campus! See our incredible facilities and authentic learning up close. Make an appointment here or by calling 888-

Step 3: Apply

Fill out our online application form or contact admissions for a paper copy. Tell us a little more about your child.

Step 4: Take a Test

After we receive your application form, we will contact you to schedule an admissions test and interview. The test and interview take around 2-3 hours. Afterwards, our team will carefully review the results of the admissions screening and contact you within 5 business days.

Step 5: Enroll

If your child meets our admissions requirements and there is a seat available, we will work with you to plan for their first day!

Tuition and Fees

As the designated international school for foreign residents in Shandong Province, we try our best to make our school accessible to all qualified foreign passport holders. As a result, our tuition fees are considerably lower than most international schools across China. Click here to download the 2021-2022 fee schedule.



What makes QISS teachers stand out?

All QISS teachers are fully certified and highly experienced. QISS is a positive learning community. Our teachers love working here, and their enthusiasm shows in the classroom. Meet our team.

What standards does QISS follow?

QISS is WASC accredited and licensed by the Laoshan District Board of Education. We follow American common core standards in all the core subjects. You can read more about our various programs of learning here.

I know that QISS is an English medium international school. Do you also offer Chinese classes?

Yes! QISS has a comprehensive Chinese program that includes Chinese language and literature and Chinese traditional culture and art. Click here to learn more.


How do QISS students manage rigorous academics to achieve a work/ life balance?

Our teachers and counselors guide student to learn how to manage their own time. We encourage brain breaks throughout the day, especially for students enrolled in multiple AP classes. At QISS, we believe that happy, socially engaged children learn best. We use positive behavior management to encourage students to adopt a growth-mindset and take on challenges with a smile.

Does QISS offer professional counseling and social-emotional support?

Yes! We have a fully certified educational psychologist, ready to help students with their social, emotional, and academic needs. Learn more about our counseling services here.

Do QISS students have sufficient time to exercise throughout the day?

At QISS, we promote a balanced lifestyle. Our students begin their day with unstructured play time, go outside for recess after lunch, and engage in competitive and recreational sports. Learn more about our athletic program here.

Is the cafeteria food nutritious?

The QISS cafeteria offers four daily lunch options: two Chinese style meals with two meat dishes and two vegetable dishes, an international meal option, and hand-pulled noodles. All of our food is cooked on site and sourced from reputable local distributors. We only purchase the highest quality ingredients, and all food is prepared according to regulated food safety and sanitation standards. Click here to see this week’s lunch menu.

Application Process

How can I apply to QISS?

Application to QISS is simple and easy! Reach out to one of our friendly admissions officers today to schedule a face to face or online appointment.

Is my child eligible to attend QISS?

We try our best to provide learning opportunities to all foreign passport holders residing in Shandong Province. During the interview and admissions test, we will determine whether or not QISS is the best fit school for your child.

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