Let’s Go QISS Volleyball Sharks

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As coming to the end of the QISS Volleyball season, the volleyball tournament should be on November 12 but due to the Covid-19 out brakes in Qingdao, we have sadly informed them it has been postponed. I am here to do a should reflect on the reason that we have. Our last Year's Volleyball Team is third in Qingdao with Militon and Hongwen in front, but we have lost a lot of our important players since they all graduated in 2022. This year we have a lot of new students that join us that is some fantastic news. This all so means that we need more time and more work during practice to know each other and what is the thing that we needed to work on.

We got our first game with MISQ the second week of our practice and we actually did pretty well, we win both of the games with a big difference of the point. We were happy but we still found some problems that we have to work on.

The second match has finally come and it is with Militon they have a very strong team with all players that have been in the time for a very long time and barely any people have graduated last year. And of course, we lost very ugly. That make us, even more, wanted revenge, our team practiced very hard every day which is, of course, to beat the opponent and get ready for the tournament we are going.

In the last match of the tournament we are facing Hongwen they are first place last year in the Qingdao International volleyball tournament but we are not the team that we use to be anymore we definitely get better at our skills and we are are are only there to revenge. We have beaten them with 2 straight wins. I think we are going to do very good this year we have been working very hard, we are shooting for First Place this year, Come on Sharks!!! Finally we have came back to school the data have finally been sent out it will be Nov the 26 and Qiss is going for the first place.

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