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Halloween is held on October 31 every year. The school Halloween activities begin in the afternoon. In the morning, we have classes as usual. Some students can’t wait to put on their costumes for Halloween. After lunch, the students put on the costumes prepared for Halloween and started the Halloween activity. Before the activity officially started, we were excited to wait for the start of the activity. We enjoyed the costumes and discussed the next activity together.

Soon the first activity began. We formed a group of houses. Each game we played was a fight for house. We could also score points for our house if we win the game. First we came to the playground. After Mr. Hector briefly introduced the game, we started the game. We played zombies, when Mr.Hector’s back is facing us, we can move forward but when Mr.Hector is facing us, we should immediately stand still. I tried to win points for our house as soon as possible. Seeing that many students were eliminated of the game, I became more and more excited. Soon, I and some students reached the destination and won point for our house. The whole game was played twice, and I successfully reached the end point. Soon the first game ended, followed by the second game.

In the second game, we played the game by throwing pumpkins. We are surrounded by a large circle. There is a hula hoop in the center of the circle. Each house receives the same amount of small pumpkins. The pumpkins are small and they are pretty light. Our goal is to make the pumpkins fall into the hula hoop. The big circle is 1 point. The center of hula hoop is 3 point. After the game started, we all tried hard to throw pumpkins into the hula hoop, but it was too difficult. Fortunately, we throw some pumpkins into the hula hoop in the end.

When we played the third game, we came to the tennis court and we were going to play a relay game. Our goal is to carry the balloon to the opposite side with a paper plate. There are three chances in total, and we can get up to three points. I thought it would be a very easy game, but when I started it, it was very difficult. Because the balloon was too light, it was hard for me to control the direction of the balloon. However, my teammates were very good at this game, and finally we got a pretty good result.

The last outdoor activity soon came. We drew a picture related to Halloween together. The picture we drew will be displayed in the primary school. Primary school will score our drawing. The drawing with the highest score can win the game. While we are painting, we can play the game of guessing candy. Teacher takes a jar of candy and we can guess how many candy there is in the jar. The closest student can win the whole jar of candy. But sadly I didn’t win this jar of candy.

After the outdoor activity ended, we start the indoor activity. We came to the gym and were divided into two groups. One group was zombies, and the other group was runner. The goal of zombies was to catch the runner, which was a little difficult for zombies. They should also pay attention to the hoops at their feet when they are chasing, which was very interesting because the hoops at their feet made them look like a real zombies.

Finally, we came to the theater and started the clothing competition. From kindergarten to high school, all students had the opportunity to show their clothes on the stage. The judges selected some excellent clothes when the students showed their clothes. These excellent clothes had the opportunity to get prizes prepared by the school. It was getting dark, and we started the most exciting part. We watched horror movies together in the theater. The lights were dark when we watched the movies. The whole atmosphere was horrible. After the film, there is dinner. The school has prepared a lot of food, including pizza, fried chicken, salad, etc.

After dinner is the last game, scavenger hunt. In order to create an scary atmosphere, the school lights were turned off. I play a human being in the game. Human’s goal is to find golden coins scattered around the school. The most exciting thing is that when humans are looking for golden coins, ghosts will catch us. But don’t be afraid. The stairs are an absolutely safe place for humans, because ghosts can’t come to the stair area. Finally, the person who gets the most golden coins wins.

 This year’s Halloween is the most interesting Halloween, especially the night’s scavenger hunt. It is very interesting and fun. I think I will never forget this activity.


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