QISS 2022 Halloween Night

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Halloween was the second school event that we had after our Quarter 1 Key Assignment. Funny and spooky atmosphere brought excitements, across the bridge, and among every grade level. On Halloween, Lower School and Upper school had different schedules.

Following the Upper School schedule, students on 31st October had their classes in the morning, and the activities for the day, started after lunch. However, before lunch, following a short preparation time which students were meant to put on their costumes, there were some creative warm up games for students to participate in gym.

Students after lunch went out to the field and had been separated into two groups: Upper School and Middile School. Two groups conducted different activities at the same time. Groups of students were participating in activities in rotations. Activities varied, some of them were sporty, and some of them were artistic. These activities required team work and integrity. Soon, when the activity section ended, students had break time, and the costume contest began.

Original schedule ended there, with the contest, by 3:20pm. Rest of the time was optional, what we called the Horror Night. Those who did not sign up for the night were dismissed at usual time. Horror Night lasted until 7:30pm, with the school Student Council and host teachers leading the night activities.

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