What happened on QISS Halloween night?

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QISS holloween night

On October 31, 2022, QISS celebrated the annual Halloween night, students and teachers are well dressed in all kinds of bizarre and extraordinary costumes, and the school environment is decorated in Halloween ambient to get ready for the scavenger hunt in a haunted school at night. Learning can’t be held up by other things, so student still needs to go to class for a half-day course.


After lunch, people gathered around outside the field in preparation for further activities, we lined up by houses, for high school, we first played a game where teachers are grave keepers, and we are zombies trying to cross the soccer field when they aren’t watching, if someone is caught, then the player has to start again. The next activity on the field is throwing pumpkins into the targeted area, when pumpkins land into a big circle will cost 1 point, the medium circle 3 points, and the central circle 5 points. The house in 1st place will be rewarded the most house points which are super appreciated.


Afterward, we are crowded on the tennis court, we made two groups in one house, and each group got to each side of the court, and use a paper tray to interfere with the balloon to get to the tennis net and the teammate on another side with coordinate with the teammate on this side. After all these events, all participants grouped in the gym for a zombie tag. Each round will contain players from 3 of the 6 houses, and pick one player to be the zombie from each house, zombies will hold pool noodles and one foot with a hula hoop and tag people.


Afterward, students and teachers went to the gym to prepare for a costume show, throughout the lower school to high school, all students and teachers dressed in wacky and decorative costumes, students walked on stage grade by grade to show off their unique dresses. Lastly, people voted the few best costumes in a compilation of students and teachers. After the costume show, people who will stay for the event at night will stay, and people who leave are dismissed, full of excitement, and the horror movie (the ring) started in time.


With a suspenseful ambiance, the movie ended at dinnertime, and pizza and other western food were delivered, do you agree on the dinner was worth 58¥per person? Dinner made people relaxed and lazy, but what comes next is being expected and an exhilarating main event, the scavenger hunt! Lights in school will all be off and suspense music will be playing, it’s like a massive escape room in the school. Every Player’s major mission is to find coins in the dark of every classroom, if you are lucky, light sources may be waiting for you, in the meantime, NPC will hunt survivors down at any second, find a place to hide, and be silent, if you are caught, you better give 5 coins and run, or else, you will be locked into the dark horrifying grave. Don’t forget to go to the safe zone at the staircase. As time goes on, people heard endless screaming, more and more people are sent to the grave, and only some survived.


Lastly, the hunt ends, as a player who experienced it myself, I still want to play more, I can’t forget the thrilling and frightening scenes, first place won with 40+ coins collected, finally, we are dismissed, students left the school with linger, I thought: “We have to wait another year for an event like this again”! What a brilliant and delightful Halloween night!

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