How we spent the day at school for Halloween

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On Monday, October 31, Qiss students had a happy and exciting Halloween party. In the morning, the students of Qiss carried their own pumpkin suitcases for collecting Halloween special candy and dressed up as their own terrorist characters, including fairies, witches and ghosts. In the same way, the campus of Qiss also carried out good internal planning and decoration to celebrate Halloween. The existence of ubiquitous skeleton pumpkin lamps and various fear elements can well prove this, The atmosphere of Qiss today is a good preparation for the Qiss Halloween at midnight today. After lunch, Qiss’s exciting Halloween activity started. First, the students gathered on the playground and prepared to play a game called “123 Woodenhead”. The rule of the game was that the teacher dressed as a ghost turned his back to the students participating in the game, and then called“123 Woodenhead”. The students involved stood on a line 10 meters away. When the teacher did not turn back, the students could move to the forward, However, if a student is still moving when the teacher returns, the student will be out of the game, and the student who finally wins the game will be rewarded accordingly.The interesting game was still going on, and then the students carried out a pumpkin throwing activity. The students could get corresponding scores by throwing pumpkins at different points. There was also an exciting balloon running activity. The students needed to carry the balloons to the end under the interference of the wind by holding an unstable balloon on a small plate, which was undoubtedly interesting for the students. Then the students had a movie watching session full of terror atmosphere in the school theater. In order to better fit the theme of Halloween terror atmosphere, the students chose an American horror film called 《The Ring》to watch. Horrible scenes can be seen everywhere in the film, such as ghosts that suddenly climb out of the TV or cabinets or ghosts that touch to the protagonist and howl. The tense and exciting atmosphere is full of the whole theater. Also the creepy music and the scary expressions on the students’ faces can well prove this. However, for QISS students, this is may the most interesting part of their Halloween activity plan, This undoubtedly gives them a terror stimulus that fits the theme.

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