Halloween Article

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During the Halloween, children’s will visit every teacher and do the Trick or Treat. They will receive candies. Of course these are only for lower school, upper school is in class. 

Every student was dressed in a costume, some were in their character from their favorite movie, some were video game characters. In Halloween we can be anybody, you can dress up as your favorite character.

During the morning we had events where everyone participates in their costume, it was a fun experience to have. The costume everybody is wearing made the event more interesting.

During the afternoon we watched a horror movie called “the ring”, it is a classic horror movie that most people knows. 

Trick Or Treat!

Lower school kids trick or treat in upper-school building

P1 *Joseph in his muscle costume P3 * Qiss costume contest

P1-2 * Volleyball game with Hongwen ; Highlight of Joseph and Jerry P3-P6 * Gallery of everyone in their costume

Gallery of more costumes

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