Halloween dress up event

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10.31 QISS held a school-wide event – Halloween Day. The upper school ends normally in the morning and starts the overall activities after the meal in the afternoon. Fun games were planned by the teacher in charge of the activity-filled the afternoon. 

On the day of Halloween, a “ghost parade” broke out in Qingdao No. 1 International School. Let’s take a look at what interesting things happened!
Some students have cosplayed. Everyone dressed up as funny characters, or dressed up as their favorite characters, or played traditional horror characters with the theme of Halloween. Everyone took great care and took out their own In the best state, the school is filled with a strong festive atmosphere,
Taking Halloween as the theme, everyone gave full play to their imagination and made it into a beautiful picture. Everyone’s whimsy were projected on the canvas. to appear in front of you.
There are other activities, two houses a competition, each house has three people chasing others, be careful! Don’t get caught by them! The last two houses compete for the number of “surviving” people to decide the winner.
The whole Halloween event was organized under the planning of the teachers, which not only expanded everyone’s thinking, but also exercised team ability, making campus life full of fun and fun.

Interview & Decoration Video shooted & edited by Digital Design Students.

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