Halloween Day at QISS

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        You must agree that Halloween is a bone-chilling but amusing event! Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October, it is believed that on the 31st the souls of the dead returned to their homes. Resulting people to be dressed in costumes or unique attires and luminate bonfires to cast off all the spirits.

       Throughout the duration of Halloween day at QISS, we all have experienced lots of intriguing events and spooky interactions. When we first entered school, we had our lessons as usual. Then we went to lunch normal. Following this, right after lunch everyone went to their corresponding “House” and got changed into our costumes. Chilled for a bit and convened at the shaded area outside of the Ping-Pong room. Mr. Hector lined us up as houses, splitting us up as middle-school and high-school.

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        Following this, bolting towards the soccer field; getting prepared for our first event of the day. Beginning with playing a game which we will be representing “Zombies” and the teachers from our school will be overseeing us, moreover Mr. Hector will proceed forward also when he looks back players will not have the ability to move. If spotted, the students will be sent back to square one which means back to the starting line. After that, all highschoolers gathered at the right side of the soccer field. We began our second game where everyone splitting into “House” teams once again, each team will obtain the same amount of toy pumpkins with different colors representing our “House”. To illustrate, when the teacher kicks off the round every team will attempt to throw or roll the pumpkin in to the marked margins. The least number of points can be obtained on the outer yellowish greenish circle, within the red circle you will get a high number of points, lastly if you land the pumpkin in the white circle within the red circle you will get a devastating number of points.

        Subsequently, we united at the tennis court, where we played a game using balloons. The rules of the game are that on each side of the court there will be people from different houses lined up, then from one side choosing one person they must carry a balloon on a paper plate to the middle and passing it to their teammate. Thirdly, we all went back to the shaded area outside of the table tennis room in order to begin our drawing contest between “Houses”. Following this, we went into the gym to play a game called “Zombie tag”. In this game there will be one zombie from each house griping onto a noodle and having to maintain a hula-hoop on one of their legs. Zombies tagging the normies resulting them to turn into zombies as well, the last ones standing wins.

        Next, everyone assembled at the theater which the costume contest began. From all grade levels there are different and unique costumes of all kinds. All people who are wearing costumes would have a chance to go on stage and present it to the audience. The judges will pick winners for the contest at the end, as well as hosting a teacher’s costume contest.

        Entering the final phase of Halloween day at QISS, exclusively available for participants that can stay until 7:30 PM. Starting with watching a horror movie called “The Ring” in the theater. Which is an urban legend encompassing that if someone watches the disturbing video tape with nightmarish images, they will get a phone call telling them that they have seven days left before they die. From my perspective the film was entertaining with its terrifying scenes and the intriguing Japanese storyline. After the movie, everyone had their dinner right outside of the theater. The school provided pizza, fried chicken, salads, snacks, and drinks which was decently generous.

        The final event of the day is the Scavenger hunt. Which is the most hyped and enjoyable, having the school in full blackout, all lights turned off during the game is crazy. A summary of the game would be that there are two groups, the larger majority being human and a selected portion being ghosts. The objective for humans is to collect gold coins located all around the upper-school building. Gold is within classrooms, cabinets, cubbies, containers, basically everywhere and it feels realistic. The ghost would usually be carrying white colored flashlights with them, and their objective is to catch humans while they are on their expeditions. The humans caught will be required to bestow 5 coins to the ghost or be moved to the graveyard/prison on the fifth floor. There are teachers and “Ghosts” doing jump scares and chasing you throw the atmospheric environment. However, the stairs are a safe area where the ghosts would not be able to capture humans. In the end, whoever has the most coins win!

        In summary, this is one of the best Halloween days we’ve had at QISS. Filled with entertaining and nerve-racking events to experience, providing an awesome time for everyone. Movies, Games, Costumes, and Events almost everything you would want on Halloween day. This spine-chilling day would not be forgotten, it was incredible!


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