Secretary General

Henry Zhou

Honorable directors, esteemed chairs, distinguished guests, respected fellow delegates, admins, and press:

Welcome to QISSMUN 2023!

My name is Henry Zhou and I am currently a senior at QISS. This is so far the fourth year I am involved in the MUN community. As the Secretary General of QISSMUN 2023, it is my great honor and pleasure to introduce myself and welcome all of you to QISSMUN 2023.

Before we embark on this exciting journey, I would also like to express my heartfelt congratulations to all the delegates, chairs, admins, and press attending QISSMUN 2023. Your exceptional talents, interest in international relations, initiative to participate in MUN, and commitment to making this conference a success are indeed remarkable. It is your dedication and hard work that have made this conference possible, and I am genuinely impressed by what you have done to get here and what you will do in the next few days – it is our great pleasure and honor to be your hosts!

Now, I would like to officially welcome all of you to QISSMUN 2023, a conference that will provide you, as fresh and creative young pioneers of the world, with the opportunity to exchange and debate your fantastic innovative ideas. Let us work together to make this conference a massive success and create positive changes in the world. See you in May!

Deputy Secretary General

Jason Zhang President

Jason Zhang

Greetings, delegates! Welcome to QISSMUN2023!

My name is Jason Zhang, currently a senior attending Qingdao No.1 International School of Shandong Province. It’s my honor to serve as Deputy Secretary General in QISSMUN2023. As my fifth-year in MUN career, I’m more than excited to welcome delegates with variety of backgrounds and culture to meet in QISSMUN, together promoting sustainable development and tackling down international issues. 

MUN is not only a precious platform to practice speakings skill, socialize, and learn. To me, the most fascinating aspect is the opportunity to gain global insights and analyze worldwide dilemma through perspectives of diverse countries, cultures, and various forms of identities. It is a platform to embrace diversity, inclusion, and equality. 

Embark on your journey as a global citizen here in QISSMUN! See you there in May!

Deputy Secretary General

Karen Li

Dear Directors, Chairs, and Delegates, 

Welcome to QISSMUN 2023! I’m Karen Li, currently a senior in QISS. It’s my great pleasure to serve as a Deputy Secretary General in QISSMUN 2023. I sincerely wish all of you a joyful and wonderful journey in QISSMUN. If you want to make friends and interact with different perspectives and cultures, this is a great opportunity. QISSMUN provides a vibrant atmosphere for participants to confront their challenges and overcome the fear of public speaking, which can support delegates’ personal growth and self-confidence. You will also become more familiar with diplomacy and international issues in QISSMUN. 

Most importantly, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.  

Last but not least, have a lot of fun! Enjoy your time in QISSMUN! I’m looking forward to your outstanding performance in QISSMUN 2023.

Head of Media

Harry Jiang PR

Harry Jiang

Welcome to QISSMUN!  My name is Harry Jiang, an 11th grader at Qingdao No.1 International School of Shandong Province. 

It is a great honor to invite all delegates and guests to our conference and serve as the Head of Media. With the great effort of our leadership team and advisors, QISSMUN has been and will continue to be offering invaluable experiences for all participants who seek real changes to the world. Our goal is to open the door to collaborative discussion and substantive possibilities for our world. 

QISSMUN 2023 will be my third year serving in the QISSMUN organization. I am exceedingly excited to contribute to the conference again by incorporating my artistic aspiration into the theme. The media team will be responsible for combining texts and visuals to create magazines and videos with deep meaning. We also seek ways to build a synergy of critical and creative thinking beyond the sphere of our knowledge.   

I wish everyone—delegates, student officers, advisors, and guests—good luck with all my heart. Whether it is your first conference or your last, we are confident in your abilities to cultivate creativity, pave the way for a better future, and ultimately become the leaders of your generation. The Media team will strive to work as a supporting force in every aspect of the conference. I hope our work could enrich your experience at QISSMUN 2023.

Head of Media


Welcome to QISSMUN!  My name is Rooney.

Head of Media


Welcome to QISSMUN!  My name is Noah.

Head of Media


Welcome to QISSMUN!  My name is Grace.


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