How we spent the day at school for Halloween

halloween hero 22

On Monday, October 31, Qiss students had a happy and exciting Halloween party. In the morning, the students of Qiss carried their own pumpkin suitcases for collecting Halloween special candy and dressed up as their own terrorist characters, including fairies, witches and ghosts. In the same way, the campus of Qiss also carried out good […]

QISS Weekly Update: Week 8 – 2016-2017

Dear QISS Families and Friends, As week 8 draws to a close, we now break to celebrate the Chinese National holiday. We hope you enjoy the holiday and look forward to catching up with all of your travel stories when we return. Upon our return we will begin the final week of Quarter One. The […]

QISS Weekly Update: Week 7 – 2016-2017

Dear QISS Families and Friends, Week 7 of the academic year is another short week. This week, Friday is a designated holiday for our parent organisation, QCCI. We trust that you will take the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather that Qingdao is bestowing on us recently. We currently have two more weeks in the […]

QISS Weekly Update: Week 6 – 2016-2017

Dear QISS Families and Friends, Although Week 6 was a short week due to our upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival break, we still have important announcements and updates on school life at QISS. This week we also debut a new feature of the Weekly Update blogs, the PTA Corner. Here you will learn about why the PTA […]

QISS Weekly Update: Week 5 – 2016-2017

Dear QISS Families and Friends, As week 5 of the 2016-2017 academic year draws to a close, your child should be bringing home their Quarter One progress report. Please make sure you spend some time going through this report with your child, praising them for the great efforts they have made in the beginning of […]

QISS Weekly Update: Week 4 – 2016-2017

Dear QISS Families and Friends, We are now through the 4th week of the 2016-2017 academic year. This week, both teachers and parents were busy with Open House Nights. Thank you to all the parents who attended. It was great to see the teachers and parents connecting, and the parents learning more about the academic […]

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