Halloween post event

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The terror box is our special event The students put their hand into a box covered by a cloth in search of a certain item (eg. a ping-pong ball) out of other items with similar texture and shape (eg. a golf ball). If they picked the correct item, they can escape the grave. If they picked the wrong one, they must wait 1 min until the second trial.

All Upper School students participated in Spooky Scavenger Hunt after dinner. All lights got turned off, and all phones were turned off. Students competed with each other individually in finding the golden coin that was hidden around the school. Meanwhile, 2 ghosts, acted by Student Council members, was patrol the entire building according to a regular route, and catch any players in their sight, while wearing searchlight shooting lights forward that will indicate their location. If players are caught by the ghosts, half of their coins will be taken. Electronic Candles will be randomly distributed around the school for players to find on their own. In addition, for every 25 minutes, there will be a 5-minute “ghost tide”, where all players must find a spot to hide, and stop moving. During the ghost tide, there will be 8 ghosts searching for survivors. Once the ghosts catch any players or detect any players moving during “ghost tide”, the caught players will be locked in the grave. To escape the grave, players must complete the challenge – the terror box– to escape the grave and continue playing. The player with the most coins wins.

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