QISS Weekly Update: 2017-2018 Week 19

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Dear QISS Families and Friends,

It was great having everyone back to start the 2nd semester of 2017-2018.  It has been a cold week here in Qingdao, but the classrooms are heating up with learning.  Quarter 2 Report cards are coming home on Friday.  On Tuesday, January 16, QISS students will be released at 1pm.  QISS teachers will be involved in a professional development session all afternoon. 


QISS Weekly Update: 2017-2018 Week 19



2017-18 학년도의 2학기가 시작되었습니다청도는 지금 한파속에 있지만 저희는 매 학급의 배움의 향한 열기로 뜨겁습니다이번주 금요일 각가정으로 2쿼터(1학기)의 성적표가 발송됩니다. 116일 화요일은 하프데이로 1시에 하교합니다하프데이 오후에는 QISS교사들의 전체 교사 회의가 있습니다.



QISS Weekly Update: 2017-2018 Week 19



We welcomed Aden Catering Services to our school community on Monday.  We are excited about the possibilities that are still there for our school.  The initial reviews have been great from staff and students.  The Oxygen Bar serves coffee, cakes and sandwiches.  Students in the upper school are allowed to purchase these items after they have eaten a regular meal.  It has been very popular this first week.  These items are a la carte and are an additional charge for the students.


QISS Weekly Update: 2017-2018 Week 19


Aden Catering Services在周一已经开始正式为我们整个学校提供服务,最初的反馈来自学校的学生和员工。Oxygen Bar提供咖啡、蛋糕和三明治且非常受欢迎。高中部的学生在吃完正常的午餐以后可以购买。当然这些是单品,需要付额外的费用。

이번주 월요일부터 Aden Catering Services에서 학교식당 운영을 시작하였습니다학교식당의 개선 가능성을 볼수 있어 모두 기대에 차있습니다초반 시작은 학생들과 직원들의 좋은 반응이 들려오고 있습니다새롭게 개설된 Oxygen Bar에서는 커피케익 그리고 샌드위치를 판매하고 있으며 중고등부 학생들은 점심식사 후 구매 가능합니다첫주 반응은 매우 좋았으며 Oxygen Bar에서 판매하는 음식은 따로 구매해야 하는 품목임을 알려드립니다.



QISS Weekly Update: 2017-2018 Week 19



The QISS PTA Executive Board would like to invite all the mama’s to a lunch at the Hyatt Regency this month.  Please see the flyer below for more information on date, time and pricing.




In grade 5, Mr. Z and Mr. Jay’s students are building atoms.

5年纪的课堂上,Mr. Z and Mr. Jay的学生正在建造原子。

5학년 학생들이 원소를 만들고 있습니다.


QISS Weekly Update: 2017-2018 Week 19



In Kindergarten, Ms. Jola’s kids are working on their letter sounds revisions and making umbrellas for the letter sound “U”.

幼儿园,Ms. Jola’的学生在学习纠正字母的发音,并且为字母“U”制作雨伞。

유치부 학생들이 파닉스와 모음 U를 위한 우산을 만들고 있습니다.


QISS Weekly Update: 2017-2018 Week 19



In grade 7, Mr. Weaver’s art class is beginning their portfolio collage designs.

7年级,Mr. Weaver的艺术课上,学生们开始准备大学申请所需的艺术设计

7학년 미술시간에는 대입용 포트폴리오 디자인을 준비하고 있습니다.


QISS Weekly Update: 2017-2018 Week 19



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2017-2018 School Calendar

January 12 – Reports Cards

January 16 – Student Half Day (Buses will depart at 1pm)

January 19, 20, 21 – CISS MUN

January 22 to 26 – Festival of Words

January 30 – PEP Talk (A Closer Look at the U.S. College Application Process)

February 1, 2, 3 – ACAMIS Basketball in Beijing

February 5 – ASAPs begin

February 8 – China Day


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