Dive into a World of Learning and Fun with QISS Little Sharks!


Welcome to an extraordinary early childhood program that blends education with play, led by the experienced Ms. Paula. Join us in nurturing young minds, one adventure at a time!

Our QISS sharks, including the Little Sharks, are back in full force at school.

Little Sharks Day marked a special day as we welcomed back our youngest learners, the Little Sharks.

Little Sharks is a unique program that combines structured learning and free play.

The program offers music, movement, story time, and opportunities for questions and discussions on early childhood topics.

Ms. Paula, a qualified early childhood educator and mother of two, organizes and leads the weekly Little Sharks class.

The classroom is filled with exciting areas for children to explore, sparking their curiosity.

Delicious fruit is always provided as a healthy snack for the Little Sharks.

Materials in the classroom are regularly updated to match the children's ages and interests.

We extend a warm welcome to anyone interested in joining our Little Sharks program.

We welcome everyone to join our QISS Little Sharks program! (  欢迎大家加入我们QISS的小鲨鱼课堂! )


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