QISS: Your AP and SAT Testing Center - Explore AP Courses and SAT Testing Opportunities


QISS is an authorized AP and SAT testing center, providing students with opportunities to take these important exams.

College Board has approved QISS to offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses, allowing students to engage in college-level studies while still in high school.

The AP Program offers a selection of 38 courses across seven subject categories, each designed to mirror introductory college courses.

Students who complete AP courses are required to take standardized college-level assessments, known as AP Exams, usually administered in May.

These AP Exams are held at testing locations worldwide, allowing students from different regions to participate.

To offer approved AP courses and use the AP designation, schools must go through the AP Course Audit process.

Enrolling in AP courses and succeeding in AP Exams can help students stand out on their college applications, showcasing their commitment to challenging coursework.

Many colleges in the United States and other countries grant credit or placement for qualifying AP Exam scores, which can save students time and money in college.

QISS offers a range of AP courses, including Biology, Statistics, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Macroeconomics, Computer Science, Chinese Language and Culture, and ETC.

In addition to AP Tests, QISS also provides SAT Test opportunities multiple times a year on the school campus, offering students various chances to excel in these critical assessments.

So join QISS today and start your Magical journey with us. For more information about AP Courses, you can visit our site.