What is a “Chat bot?”

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What is a “Chat bot?”




In today’s society, human progress in computer science is obvious. As technology progresses, more and more theoretical science becomes practical science; computers also gradually occupy a large part of people’s lives.

The computer, which was originally designed to calculate at higher speeds, more efficiently, and more accurately, has gradually developed more functions as it evolves. Among them, “robot” is a product of computer science. In a narrow sense, “robot” is a machine that can mimic human behavior. As the times progress, robots have more and more functions and definitions are no longer limited to mechanics.

Chat bot, a robot that produces instant feedback by simulating human language behavior, is the theme of AP CSA’s KA this year. The working logic of Chat bot is actually easy to understand, just like a normal computer: input, processing, output. But to be more specific, what we have done with these Chat Bots is actually based on simple text search matching, and then looking for the corresponding vocabulary/sentences in the dictionary.

In summary, this is a simple and easy-to-understand explanation of Chat bot.

QISS chatbot
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