Friday, May 27th, 2016

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Dear QISS Families and Friends,

In week 34 of the academic year our students finally got to perform their theatre production Wicked, which they have been preparing for all year. It is a fantastic production and all of the students have done an amazing job. Last weeked the high school students also celebrated their Prom. By all accounts it was a wonderful evening with fun, games, music and dancing. Yes, this year the students actually danced, instead of staring awkwardly at each other from across the other side of the room.


QISS PTA and Qingdao Expat Charity Donations: Jimo Hope Primary School (即墨市店集建行希望小学)

On Wednesday, June 1st many of our Upper School students will be visiting the Jimo Hope Primary School to deliver donations purchased using the funds raised at the QISS Holiday Gala. This year, the PTA teamed up with the Qingdao Expat Charity to raise funds and identify a school in Shandong that is in need. Throughout the process and due to the generosity of the QISS and greater Qingdao community, the PTA were able to raise 22,500rmb. Qingdao Expat Charity helped the PTA to locate a school in need, and that school is Jimo Hope Primary School. Jimo Hope Primary School has around 180 students from grades K to 6. It is located in the Jimo countryside and educates students from 8 surrounding villages. They have limited resources and value our support.

In March this year, the several student ambassadors, as well as Mr. Matthews and Ms. Orobello, visited to the school to meet the principal and students and make a plan for how to allocate the funds. As a team, they identified several areas of need, including sports and art equipment, a new basketball court surface and painting of the school walls. Due to lack of time and insufficient funds to complete ambitious infrastructure projects, the student ambassadors decided to focus on sports and art equipment this year, and to aim to fundraise to complete the basketball court and wall painting project next academic year.

Now, the PTA and students ambassadors have purchased significant sports and art equipment including soccer balls, basketballs, skipping ropes, hula-hoops. archery practice sets, paint sets, paint brushes, paper, pencils, erasers and many, many more. We know that this equipment will be a great addition to the resources at the school.

On June 1st, 2016, which is Children's Day, many Upper School students will visit the school to give them these donations as well as to participate in several fun activities. High School students have arranged art classes, science experiments and origami classes. They will also play soccer, basketball, skip rope, hula-hoop and archery with the studentst at the school.

As a school community we are in a unique position to be able to assist our surrounding communities. This PTA, QISS student ambassador and Qingdao Expart Charity joint effort is a great example of how we can help. The PTA extends their gratitude to the QISS community for their generosity during the Holiday Gala, and are excited to see this project to fruition.

QISS Sports Day and PTA Community BBQ


This year, the QISS PTA decided for the first time to hold a community BBQ on sports day. As the PTA raised funds throughout the year, they thought about the best way they could give back to the QISS community and hold an event that boosts community spirit and provides the parents and teachers an opportunity to socialise with one another. They decided that by purchasing two BBQs, coolers, drinks, food and a popcorn machine, they could facilitate such an event in the form of a BBQ.

The BBQ will happen on Sports Day, June 6th.

The PTA will provide popcorn and drinks for all students during their morning snacks.

The PTA will then cook a BBQ with hotdogs and drinks in the afternoon. The Lower School students will have their BBQ from 1 to 1:30pm. The Upper School will have their BBQ from 1:30 to 2pm.

The PTA encourage all parents to attend to join in the festivities from 12pm onwards, and to please bring some small, sharable snack or drink to contribute to the party!

See you there!!!

Quarter 4 Key Assignments and Spring Concert

Please be aware that on Saturday, June 4th, both Key Assignments and Spring Concert will be held. A detailed schedule of events will be sent home shortly, but in please be aware that as it is a school date, morning school buses will run as usual. Do to the Spring Concert, the day will likely end around 3pm.

End of 2nd After School Activity Program session

This is just a reminder that yesterday, May 26th, marked the end of the second session of our After School Activity Program (ASAP). Therefore, buses will no longer depart from QISS at a later time on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  All student buses will be leaving immediately after dismissal from classes at 3:30 PM.


This coming Saturday, May 28th will be the senior graduation. We are sure it will be a memorable occasion to celebrate the contributions and success of this year's seniors. They are an amazing group of students who have helped shape QISS throughout their time here.

School Life

Grade 1 practicing building fluency and understanding math fact fluency strategies

ELL Reader's Theatre


Prom 2016







Upcoming Events, Activities and Important Dates

QISS 2015-2016 Academic Year Calendar

QISS 2016-2017 Academic Year Calendar_final.pdf

  • May 27: 2nd ASAP Session Ends
  • May 28: Graduation Ceremony
  • May 31: Grade 5 Graduation Party
  • June 1: Jimo Trip
  • June 3: Grade 8 Graduation Party
  • June 4: SAT / Quarter 4 Key Assignments & Spring Concert
  • June 6: Sports Day and PTA Community BBQ
  • June 7: End of Quarter 4 / Quarter 4 Report Cards / Student Half Day
  • June 8: Last day of school for staff
  • August 8: 1st Day of 2016-2017 Academic Year